In Salon Services Are Back!

Hey guys, just me! Hope you are all keeping well and safe.

Ive had a lot of questions from friends, family and customers in regards to how it feels being back in the salon so I thought Id write up a quick post on here to say hello and give you an update on how I am feeling and how its been returning back to work!

Honestly being back in the salon has been Amazing! Its so nice to be able to see all my beautiful clients and getting back to somewhat of a new form of normality. At first it felt very uncertain or should I say nerve wrecking when you just don't know how it would be or what to expect. The first day to be honest I had a mix of emotions, overall I just felt very nervous and excited at the same time, You feel anxiety levels constantly rising because I hadn't done by job in so many months so many thoughts were running through my head, however soon as I came in to the salon, had my first client, soon as I picked up my scissors it all came rushing back! All those emotions just turned to happy and exciting, all the doubts I had disappeared and the adrenaline was keeping me going and I generally feel a better me and I feel even better at what I do than before!

With the virus still around ( I mean its not like its going any time soon!) with numbers and cases rising especially